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Monsanto Announces $400 Million Expansion at Chesterfield Research Center

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Monsanto Company today announced plans to bring together its St. Louis-based  industry-leading research and development team on one campus when it completes a more than $400 million expansion at its Chesterfield Village Research Center.  The company plans to begin work this summer and expects to add 675 jobs across St. Louis County over the next three years.

Monsanto plans to add 36 new greenhouses, additional offices and laboratory space as well as additional plant growth chambers to facilitate development of its seed and trait pipeline.  Greenhouses and plant growth chambers, which can be programmed to represent any climate around the world, are a critical component of Monsanto’s research work as they offer Monsanto scientists an opportunity to observe and select only the best performing seeds for in-ground testing.

“Our Chesterfield Village Research Center is already a world-class facility, and with our planned new investment, will truly be a home worthy of what I believe is the most innovative team in agriculture,” said Robb Fraley, Ph.D., Monsanto’s chief technology officer. “Monsanto has pledged to help those in agriculture find new ways to produce more while using less of our globe’s resources.”

Read the complete announcement: Monsanto Announces $400 Million St. Louis Expansion Plan at Chesterfield Village Research Center.


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