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How Many Crayons in an Acre of Soybeans?

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What is the highest natural source of dietary fiber?

How many $100 bills can be made from a bale of cotton?

How much of the world’s corn does the United States produce?

In 1960, the average U.S. farmer fed 26 people. How many does the farmer feed today?

No, it’s not an agriculture trivia game.

Over at America’s Farmers, the “Did You Know” section has been updated with new facts, infographics and information on American agricultural production. It’s a collection of a lot of fun facts, and even a video or two.

Behind the fun facts, though, is something more serious – the important of American agriculture to securing both the American food supply as well as the food supply of the world.

Oh, and to answer the questions above (including the headline):

One acre of soybeans can provide 82,368 crayons.

The highest natural source of dietary fiber is the soybean.

One bale of cotton can provide 313,600 $100 bills (and did you know that U.S. paper currency comes from cotton?).

The U.S. produces about 40 percent of the world’s supply of corn – on 20 percent of the land planted.

The U.S. farmer today feeds an average of 155 people.

You can find the “Did You Know” section on America’s Farmers.com.

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