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Monsanto Today Launched

Featured Article

Monsanto has launched a new online channel, Monsanto Today, that aggregates news about the company, our customers and the agricultural industry in one online location. 

Updated several times a day, the publication provides updated news by linking directly to the source. News sources providing information include Monsanto.com, the Monsanto Facebook page, Monsanto Fund, the company’s global and product web sites, farmer blogs, trade and industry association sites, farm media and general news media. 

Monsanto today will serve primarily as a news portal, but can also be used to post original content. 

The site is among the first in the agricultural industry to be developed and maintained by an individual company. It is not the first news portal in agriculture; several other sites serve the broad purpose of aggregating general agricultural news. But it is the first by a seed company, as most of the other portals are maintained by trade news media. 

Visitors have the option of viewing the news posts in either a list or grid structure. The grid is the default option. The site is also designed to work across all platforms, including mobile, tablet, and web/computer. 

Visitors can also select from a list of six filters to see posts related to agriculture, sustainability, Monsanto Fund, community, farmers, and products. 

You can visit Monsanto Today here.

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