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The Field Position: Women are Changing the Ag Landscape

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Latham Hi-Tech Seeds is a Monsanto partner based in Alexander, Iowa, and serving farmers in several states. It sells con, soybean and alfalfa seeds. Family-founded in 1947 and family-owned, Latham Seeds truly is in the agricultural business of families helping families.

Latham hosts a company blog, The Field Position, that covers everything from significant national agricultural issues to recipes for treats we’d like to taste ourselves. Recently, The Field Position posted a two-part series on how women are changing the agricultural landscape, and covered important information about some of the profound changes U.S. agriculture is experiencing.

In Part I, The Field Position looked at how young women are pursuing different college agriculture majors than they did in the past and some of the roles women now occupy in agriculture today. The stereotype of a male-dominated industry is dissolving.

In Part II, The Field Position talked with Danny Klinefelter, Texas A&M economist and director of The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers (TEPAP). Klinefelter sees today’s farm women increasing involved in data analysis, site-specific farming, regulatory compliance, commodity marketing, and public relations and social marketing (and you can followed Latham on Tiwtter at @lathamseeds).

You can read both blog posts at The Field Position:

Women Are Changing the Ag Landscape, Part I.

Women Are Changing the Ag Landscape, Part II.

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