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Progressive Farmer: Farming for the Future

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Last Week, Progressive Farmer posted a story entitled “Competing to Feed the World Will Require Sustainable Solutions.” The article puts agricultural sustainability in the context of global competition, and stresses the importance of no- and reduced-tillage farming, targeted nitrogen placement, precision soil testing, use of biotech seed, and maintaining buffer strips and waterways, among other practices. 

“Every farmer needs to determine if they are farming for the day or farming for the future,” Iowa farmer Gary Edwards says. “If you are farming for the future, then you need to look at ways to maximize production longevity. To maintain profitability, U.S. farmers will have to pay special attention to soils and keep them productive for the long-term to stay competitive in the marketplace.”

You can read the entire article at Progressive Farmer.

2 Responses to "Progressive Farmer: Farming for the Future"

  1. I think that farmers are turning to technology more and more as the ability to run major risks grows less and less. In the old days, someone who ran a risk and had his farm fail could start over easily; today, it’s not that way and so farmers are trying to improve their profits with less risky measures.


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