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Thomson Reuters Names Monsanto to Top 100 Innovators List

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Thomson Reuters has named Monsanto to its list for the World’s Top 100 Most Innovative Organizations for 2012

The list is developed through a series of analyses developed by Thomson Reuters and based on intellectual property, patents and innovation. Specific criteria include innovation success; the global nature of an organization’s innovation; the influence of the innovation; and the volume of innovative patents. 

“Innovation is the cornerstone of economic growth and success, for both the companies that innovate and the countries that encourage it,” the Thomas Reuters report says. “Innovation can also be the competitive lever that gives one company the rights and offensive positioning over another in the fierce environment in which they operate.” 

Monsanto was recognized in the agriculture and forestry sector. 

The Thomason Reuters news release can be found at the Beta News web site

The web site for the report, the Top 100 Global Innovators, includes a link for downloading the full report in pdf format.

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