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EU Says French Report Fails to Meet “Acceptable Scientific Standards”

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The European Food Safety Authority has reviewed a study allegedly linking GM corn to cancer that was released in September, and determined that it fails to meet “acceptable scientific standards.” 

The study, conducted by the University of Caen (France) researcher Gilles-Eric Seralini and others, claimed that laboratory rats fed a Monsanto GM corn variety and/or Roundup herbicide developed cancer. Pictures of rats with huge tumors inundated the internet, and widely tweeted and posted on Facebook. 

In addition to the review by the European Union agency, separate reviews were done by Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands – and all six countries reached the same conclusions about the study. 

You can read the Agence France Presse story here.


Monsanto’s statement on the study.

2 Responses to "EU Says French Report Fails to Meet “Acceptable Scientific Standards”"

  1. One might dismiss asolmt all these above just because the research of the Se9ralini team was not perfect. However, far from being full of holes, it surely proved one thing, something that the industrial and governmental players also has to acknowledge, at least between themselves.That is genetically modified feed and food has to be rigorously examined and regulated because current safety studies and standards are inadequate to measure the possible health effects of these crops. Food is and should always be a product of trust. How could you build trust on unreliable foundations?


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