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WRI Blog: Business and Climate Change

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At a recent NetImpact meeting, Eliot Metzger of the World Resources Institute was part of a panel discussing climate change adaption. Other members of the panel were Monsanto’s Gabriela Burian and AT&T’s John Schultz. 

Metzger wrote a post on the discussion for the WRI blog, emphasizing that, when it comes to climate change, both mitigation and adaptation are critical needs.

“At AT&T,” he said, “potential disruptions to IT networks pose real threats to the company and its customers. Drawing lessons from disasters like Hurricane Katrina, AT&T has started locating critical equipment on the 2nd floor of a building—rather than the ground floor—to avoid future floods. At Monsanto, the focus is on meeting the future food needs of a growing global population. Global warming means new challenges for farmers, who must adjust to changing growing seasons and water availability.”

Metzger continued with a discussion of critical issues for corporate climate leaders. You can read the entire post at the WRI blog.

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