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2010-2011 Monsanto Fund Report

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The 2010-2011 Monsanto Fund report is now available online. The report highlights the Fund’s commitment to improving people’s lives around the world. Some of the programs highlighted in the report include: 

Grow Rural Education: The America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education SM program. The program supports math and science education for school districts across the United States.  In 2011, 16 school districts received grants totaling $266,000. In 2012, the program was expanded, and over the course of the year Monsanto will invest $2.3 million. 

Science Education: In Monsanto’s world headquarters city, St. Louis, Missouri, more than $7.9 million was donated to help grow science education for students. 

Kenya Gardening Project: In Kenya students received more nutritious food through a gardening project. The project provided resource kits and inputs to 125 schools to help students grow their own fruits and vegetables. 

Land and Water Resource Training: In Kalahandi, India, agricultural productivity has been enhanced by providing training to 150 families on land and water resource development.  The five-year project improved the income of 3,000 poor families in the district. 

Clean Water: A project in Tajinan, Indonesia, gave residents access to clean water, public sanitation facilities and biofuel storage tanks, as well as a pump hydration system. Accessing clean water means a better and healthier life for the residents. 

Brazil School Program: The Healthy Children, Healthy Futures program in Brazil increased access to produce through school gardens and nutrition education; it impacted as many as 5 million people. 

You can read the details of these programs and more at the Monsanto Fund web site

Since 1964, the Monsanto Fund has worked to substantially and meaningfully improve people’s lives. As the philanthropic arm of Monsanto, the fund focuses on strengthening both farming communities and the communities where we live and work.

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