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Applications Open for Beachell-Borlaug Scholarships

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The Beachell-Borlaug International Scholars Program is part of Monsanto’s commitment to sustainable agriculture. Since 2009, Monsanto has sponsored the program to develop highly motivated rice and wheat plant breeders who can serve as agricultural leaders. The program, named in honor of scientists Henry Beachell and Norman Borlaug, recognizes the importance of rice and wheat as key staple crops in addressing global hunger. 

The coveted program is administered by Texas AgriLife Research at the Texas A&M University System. The scholarship offers a generous student stipend, tuition, applicable fees, health insurance, research fees and travel, as well as funds for the collaborating institution and advising professor. It also supports projects that allow the student to develop advanced breeding techniques and gain experience conducting at least one season of field work in a developing country. Fifty-two students from twenty-one countries have become Beachall-Borlaug scholars since the program’s inception. 

Jafar Jafarzedah from Iran is a 2012 recipient of a program scholarship. “I plan to return to my institute and share the new methods and technologies that I learn from my studies,” he said. “I hope to continue research at the institute and be able to show the farmers in the region the results. From there, I’d like to go to the university and transfer this applied experience to students, so that they can further the knowledge and improve the quality of life for our farmers.” 

The program is open to students around the world who are seeking a Ph.D. in rice or wheat plant breeding. Applications are now being accepted until Feb. 1, 2013. Please click here for more information. 



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  1. Yes, I’ve not only heard of him. I knew him personally, first from a graudate course I took as part of my Ph.D. program at Texas A&M on Host Plant Resistance (Agron 610, Ento 610, Plant Path 610), in which he was one of four primary lecturers, and second in the Guatemala Food Program, which was part of Texas A&M’s International Agriculture Program. His classroom lectures centered around what he called multiple stress selection and shuttle breeding , patterned after Henry Kissinger’s shuttle diplomacy. Lacking funds to conduct plant breeding and selection in a major center, he instead traveled to various centers and experiment stations around the world to make his crosses from local land races and determine his selections from their hybrids, based primarily on yield. His results developed a set of food grain varieties for different regions of Africa, India and Eastern Asia that were resistant to diseases and pests, and more than quadrupled prior yields. These varieties required increased use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides, a policy not necessarily politically popular at the time. His office was right across the street from mine. Unlike most geniuses, he was as nice and ordinary acting as anyone on the TAMU campus.


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