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Stakeholder Engagement

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Monsanto, as one of the world’s leading scientific and agricultural business organizations, is committed to attracting and retaining the most talented employees, keeping them engaged and motivated, and providing a quality work environment where they can be increasingly productive. 

These commitments extend beyond the boundaries of the Monsanto facilities as we cast a wide net to identify and engage with a range of organizations, individuals, and partners in all areas of the world and across numerous disciplines. Specifically, Monsanto’s key stakeholders include: 

• Monsanto shareowners, financial analysts, industry researchers, and other members of the global financial community.
• Monsanto employees worldwide.
• Farmers and their communities, organizations and associations, including agricultural producer organizations, farm bureaus, cooperatives and grower groups.
• Animal feed providers and distributors, breeders, and livestock and poultry farmers.
• Grain elevator operators, food manufacturers, processors, wholesalers, distributors and
• Animal science organizations.
• Insect science and insect pest control organizations.
• Weed science and weed pest control organizations.
• Current consumers in all parts of the world.
• Farm equipment manufacturers and distributors.
• Regulatory authorities, including federal, state and local agricultural agencies, environmental agencies, commerce and trade authorities, planning boards, land use authorities and water authorities.
• Local and regional water utilities and authorities.
• Trade associations and industry-based organizations, particularly those in the agricultural sector, including agricultural chemicals, seed trade, biotechnology, bio-engineering and genetics.
• Local, state and national government officials and their agencies.
• National, state and regional medical science, health and nutrition organizations.
• International trade authorities.
• Residential and commercial communities in areas where Monsanto has facilities and trade interests.
• Non-governmental organizations and community groups.
• Research scientists, universities and colleges, foundations, government-sponsored and independent research laboratories, climatologists, meteorologists, agricultural economists and agricultural science organizations.
• Environmental organizations and associations.
• Global scientific and food safety/security organizations.
• Global development foundations.
• International economic and social impact assessment bodies.
• Global standard-setters. 

Monsanto is committed to making a difference in the world through meaningful and significant initiatives and takes pride in its contributions to society on a local and regional level throughout the world. Reporting on environmental, safety and sustainability performance is a long-standing tradition at Monsanto Company. 

Our goal is to provide our stakeholders with greater transparency and in-depth information about our activities. Monsanto is committed to partnering with farmers, local governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other stakeholders. These partnerships are intended to make positive changes on a local, regional, country or global basis. 

Political Contributions & Lobbying 

Monsanto is committed to participating constructively in the political process, as such participation is essential to the company’s long-term success. For more information, visit

This article is excerpted from Monsanto’s 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report. To see the full report, please visit Monsanto.com.

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