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Are GM Foods Dangerous?

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On Monday, we posted a story about BestFoodFacts.org, and a video the group had recently posted on its blog which asked if GM crops were harming the environment. BestFoodFacts is a site sponsored by the Center for Food Integrity (CFI), designed to provide objective and accurate information directly from experts – university researchers, academics and registered dieticians. (Monsanto is a member of CFI.) 

BestFoodFacts has posted a second video, “Are GM Foods Dangerous?” The video is a conversation between an Illinois mom and blogger, Betsie Estes, and Dr. Sally Mackenzie of the Center for Plant Science Innovation at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

The BestFoodFacts post also includes questions and answers from other experts on whether GM foods cause allergies, do GM foods undergo safety tests, how can be GM foods be safe if they’re not “natural,” and what role if any do GM foods have with food allergies and attention deficit disorder (ADD) in children. 

You can see the video at the Best Food Facts blog.

3 Responses to "Are GM Foods Dangerous?"

  1. All the money that you are spending to stop the labeling just makes me more and more suspicious of GM food. What are you so worried about if we have the information and there is nothing wrong with the food. If the rest of the world can have the information, why try to stop US food from being labeled. You must have something to hide.


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