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World Business Council for Sustainable Development

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The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is a CEO-led group of companies helping to contribute to a sustainable future for business, society and the environment. It was formed in 1992 by Swiss entrepreneur and philanthropist Stephan Schmidheiny, who believed that business a role in both sustainable development and making contributions to a sustainable society. Monsanto is a member. 

The WBCSD plays a leading advocacy role for sustainable development. Its 200 member companies represent on business sectors and all continents, and they share best practices and innovative tools for sustainable development and related issues. 

One of the council’s cornerstone projects is Vision 2050, a report that “calls for a new agenda for business laying out a pathway to a world in which nine billion people can live well, and within the planet’s resources, by mid-century.” More information about the report can be found at the WBCSD web site

This week, the council is holding its annual meeting in Seoul, South Korea. On Monday, the WBCSD released a new report, “Water Valuation: Building the business case.” The full report can be downloaded here. Water is a vital subject for agriculture and food production around the world, and the report supports integrating “true water values and true water costs into decision-making.” 

You can follow the WBCSD on Twitter at @wbcsd. Several people are livetweeting the annual meeting in Seoul, using the #wbscdSeoul2012 hashtag.

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