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Are GM Crops Harming Our Environment?

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The Center for Food Integrity (CFI) was established five years ago “to build consumer trust and confidence in today’s food system.” A not-for-profit organization, its members represent each element of the food chain, including farmers and ranchers, universities, food processors, restaurants, retailers and food companies. Monsanto is a member of the group. 

CFI sponsors a web site called BestFoodFacts.org, which is designed to provide objective and accurate information directly from experts – university researchers, academics and registered dieticians. Content of the site is not subject to CFI member approval. The content of each story or video on the site has been approved or previously published only by the expert being quoted. 

BestFoodFacts has a blog called Food for Thought, and this month posted a video entitled “Are GM Crops Hurting Our Environment?” The video is an interview with Dr. Cecilia Chi-Ham with the Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture at the University of California-Davis. Dr. Chi-Ham is interviewed by Karri Hammerstrom, a West Coast mother who had some tough questions to ask. 

This particular blog post includes additional information from a number of other experts and scientists, covering such subjects as GM foods and pesticides, how GMOs are regulated, GMOS and sustainability, and weed and pest resistance. 

You can view the video at the BestFoodFacts blog.

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