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Global Harvest Initiative’s 3rd Productivity Report

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Yesterday at the World Food Prize meeting in Des Moines, Iowa, the partners (of which Monsanto is one) of the Global Harvest Initiative (GHI) announced the 2012 report on “Measuring Global Agricultural Productivity.” 

That’s a mouthful of a title for an important report on what is happening around the world agricultural productivity – an attempt to quantify and pinpoint what is going on in different regions of the world. 

Key findings in the 2012 report include: 

  • Food demand in Asia will result primarily from rising incomes rather than population increases.
  • In the Middle East and Africa, a growing food gap will need to be filled through a combination of productivity increases, imports, and government safety net assistance programs. Population increases is driving increases if food demand.
  • Productivity continues to increase in Latin America, and this region may expand exports and increase production of biofuels.
  • The region of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union has enormous potential for increasing productivity. 

GHI is a private sector policy voice for agricultural productivity growth throughout the value chain. The aim of that growth is to meet the demands of a growing world – and meet them sustainably. GHI has five policy priorities: 

  • Increase investment in agricultural development and rural infrastructure.
  • Strengthen and streamline development assistance programs.
  • Improve agricultural research funding, structure and collaboration.
  • Embrace science- and information-based technologies.
  • Remove barriers to global and regional trade in agriculture. 

To see the full report and find additional information on GHI, please visit the GHI web site.

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