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News on FieldScripts

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At the Farm Progress Show in August, Monsanto provided background on and plans for the company’s new precision agriculture program, called FieldScripts, the company’s first product from the Integrated Farming Systems (IFS) platform. Since then, there have been a number of reports in agricultural trade press about the program. 

CropLife noted that Monsanto is set to launch a pilot test of the program in 2013. 

An article in AgriNews explained how Monsanto is bringing “science and technology together to position every seed for success at the right population.” 

Greenbook posted a video of Dr. Robb Fraley, Monsanto’s Chief Technology Officer, explaining how FieldScripts combined seed genetics with soils information. 

Farm Industry News posted a video interview with Monsanto’s Dr. Ted Crosbie. 

AgWired posted a summary of the original announcement at the Farm Progress Show. AgWired laos psoted a report on how FieldScripts is changing Monsanto’s pipeline and testing programs

More details on FieldScripts can be found at Monsanto.com. The original news release announcement is here.

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