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The Economist: Feeding the World/Asia

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In Hong Kong, a conference sponsored by The Economist is being held today, and the topic is a critical one for all of us.  

“Feeding the World: Asia’s Prospect of Plenty” considers the challenges we face in feeding nine billion people in the next 30 to 40 years, and the role that the nations of Asia might play. Chaired by John Parker, The Economist’s Globalization Editor and the author of the special 2011 report “Feeding the World,” the event is exploring challenges and innovative solutions for feeding Asia’s growing population nutritiously, safely and sustainably in the years ahead. 

Claudio Torres, Monsanto’s regional vice president for Asia-Pacific, is participating in the conference panel discussion on agriculture. 

The need to increase food production poses a double challenge – both to improve yields and conserve finite natural resources like land and water. In other words, it means producing more – a lot more – and using less to do it. Just to keep even with current consumption levels, farmers will need to grow, for example, more what and corn over the next 40 years than grown in total in the previous 500. 

Innovation in agriculture can increase farmers’ productivity and efficiency, boosting their incomes and leading to improved lives for their families, communities and countries. We’ve seen this happen in India and the Philippines. Yields in developing countries greatly lag other parts of the world, and we know that hybrid seeds, improved agronomic practices and biotechnology can close this gap and help farmers meet growing demand on farms of all sizes. 

More information about the subject can be found at Monsanto.com, including a special infographic. 


To follow the live updates of the event: http://www.facebook.com/TheEconomistFeedingTheWorld 

The Economist: Feeding the World 

Web site for the conference. 

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