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Reviews and Studies on Glyphosate and GM Food

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Below are only a few of the studies and reviews that have been done on the safety of glyphosate and GM food. 


Three new reviews on glyphosate and human safety published within the last year are available online from the publisher’s website: 

• Pamela J. Mink, Jack S. Mandel, Bonnielin K. Sceurman, Jessica I. Lundin. Epidemiologic studies of glyphosate and cancer: A review. 

• Pamela J. Mink, Jack S. Mandel, Jessica I. Lundin, Bonnielin K. Sceurman. Epidemiologic Studies of Glyphosate and Non-Cancer Health Outcomes: A Review. 

• Amy Lavin Williams, Rebecca E. Watson, John M. DeSesso. Developmental and Reproductive Outcomes in Humans and Animals After Glyphosate Exposure: A Critical Analysis. 

The most recent review of glyphosate was conducted by the European Commission’s Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General in 2002.  Compounds are reviewed every 10 years and a review is in progress now. 

Other reviews and studies include: 

WHO/FAO. (2004) Pesticides residues in food — 2004. 

Safety Evaluation and Risk Assessment of the Herbicide Roundup and Its Active Ingredient, Glyphosate, for Humans (Williams et al., 2000) 

World Health Organization: Environmental Health Criteria 159: Glyphosate (1994)  

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Reregistration Eligibility Decision: Glyphosate (September 1993). There is also a shorter fact sheet.  

GM Food 

Reviews of long term studies by scientists, physicians, and regulators have reached the conclusion that GM crops are safe. 

Scientific review 

• European reviews: Long-term studies and Feeding Experiments Meta-Study

American Medical Association (2012) 

Swiss National Science Foundation

6 Responses to "Reviews and Studies on Glyphosate and GM Food"

  1. If GM is so safe then why pump millions into fighting the GMO labeling of food in California? Cause it’s too expensive to label food in different states? What about the millions spent to kill the California bill? Your past, current, and back to past employees work for the FDA; fox guarding the hen house thing. I’m just curious if Monsanto employees feed GMO food to their kids?

    • I work at Monsanto, and yes, I do feed GM crops to my children. I have never worked at the FDA, and do not know anybody who has.

    • I’ve got no connection with Monsanto but I can easily see why they would object to labelling GMO food.
      Submitting to such a labelling scheme would imply to consumers that there was a need to do so, that GMO food was somehow dangerous and that there is a risk in consuming it, which there isn’t.
      Food manufacturers who are catering for people with particular beliefs about the food they eat can voluntarily label their food ‘non GMO’ in the same way that producers of Kosher or Halal food can.

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