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NPR: Farmers Waiting Out the Drought Tune Into Twitter

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Farmers are finding new tools to help them find out how other farmers in the region were fairing with the weather, production and field conditions. According to a recent story in National Public Radio, they’re turning to online tools like Twitter.


“A few years ago, if Bill Graff wanted to find out whether other farmers’ fields looked anything like his, he’d make some calls and check an online bulletin board. It might take him a few days, even a week, to get a sense of how his crops stacked up against others in his region.

“Now Graff, 53, who grows 1,400 acres of corn, soybean, wheat and hay in central Illinois, checks his Twitter feed. ‘I can get a half-way decent idea of what’s going on out there instantaneously,’ Graff says.”

To read the rest of the story, please visit WNYC Public Radio.

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