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Improving Agriculture, Improving Lives

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Does agriculture need to be improved? Can agricultural practices be made more sustainable? And if so, how?

The answer you’ll hear most often is that agriculture needs to produce more food because the world’s population is growing. But more food is only part of the story. The world also needs better food that’s more nutritious. And better ways to grow food that’s more efficient.

A new section of Monsanto.com, entitled “Improving Agriculture, Improving Lives,” has been created to highlight the ongoing discussion on the future of agriculture –what it needs to produce in coming years – and how more has to be produced using fewer resources. 

The site has three primary sections: 

Why Does Agriculture Need to be Improved? This section provides information on the history of agriculture, including the role technology has played for thousands of years; crucial challenges agriculture faces in the next several decades; the debates about how to solve them; and how farmers rely on agricultural improvements to earn a living.

What is Monsanto Doing to Help? This section includes information on our commitment to making agriculture more sustainable. Monsanto established challenging targets for improving agriculture in three ways—producing more, conserving more and improving lives. You will also learn about what products are making a difference and the different partnerships and projects Monsanto is involved with.

How Are We Doing It? This sections details the key areas of agricultural innovation, the basics of biotechnology and breeding, agronomics, safety, and the innovations we’re working on. 

The site also includes a series of feature stories on how Bollgard cotton has enhanced sustainable farming practices: Kenyan farmers using new, more sustainable methods; How GM cotton helped farmers in India increase yields; and a new water conservation initiative; among others.

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