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They Are Farming and They Grow It: Learning About The Peterson’s Farm

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A month ago, the Peterson Farm Brothers – Greg, Nathan and Kendal – were busy finishing up wheat harvest on the family’s farm in Assaria, Kansas. They were fairly typical farm guys from what some friends on campus or in town have said.

Peterson Brothers farm photosThey are passionate about agriculture and they enjoy having fun. Those two things – paired with Greg’s studies in communications and music – led them to do a song parody / video of LMFAO’s song changing it to “I’m farming and I grow it.”

When I first saw the video, it had been online just a few hours. Some of the words and images got stuck in my head though & I couldn’t shake them. Some of my favorite lines in the song are:

  • Treat em right, that’s my belief, What’s for dinner? I say beef!
  • Gotta Feed Everybody, (Uh-Huh) I work out (side!)
  • I got passion for my plants and I ain’t afraid to show it show it show it show it, I’m farming and I grow it
  • And when I’m in the field, I try to raise crops to maximum yield
  • Water, water, water, water, water 

I wasn’t alone. Friends told me their kids wanted to watch it time & time again. Lots of people in Kansas, the U.S. and even globally watched taking the video viral. When the original song played at a dance, I couldn’t help replace the words as I sang along. And even today, as I read those lines, I immediately picture the guys working on the farm one minute and goofing around like typical high school and college students the next.

Their photos and quotes were in local, national and international newspapers. They were interviewed by the farm trade media, the local TV station and flown to New York to appear on FOX-TV. In one month, they’ve gone from Greg, Nathan and Kendal to friends in their hometown at K-State to the faces of America’s farm kids. As I checked their YouTube channel today, they had surpassed six million views. That’s SIX MILLION.

We had a chance to ask Greg some questions about the farm, here’s what we learned.

How long has the Peterson family farm been in existence? The video you produced showed a lot of diversity, what all do you produce?

Greg:  Peterson Farm and Livestock is a 4th generation family farm. We primarily raise beef cattle, but we also grow wheat, corn, alfalfa, and sorghum. My Dad does most of the decision making on the farm. Unlike a lot of farmers we have cattle and crops, which means a lot more work, but it is nice to fall back on crops when the cattle fail, or vice versa.

Who all has been involved in the farm? How do you decide who does what work? 

Greg: All six of my family members are involved. The main employees are my brothers and I and our Dad. In the winter time when all of us are at school, my Dad’s cousin helps us feed cattle every day. My uncle Bruce also helps every once in awhile. 

We tend to just do whatever needs to be done. We are all pretty versatile. However, sometimes we jokingly argue about who gets to do what if one thing is more fun than another!

In interviews, several times I heard the brothers wanted other people to understand farming better. Are you interested in building basic understanding, correcting misperceptions, or what? What do you think is important for off-farm people to understand? 

Greg:  I think our main goal is dispelling all of the misperceptions about agriculture and the way to do that is to educate the people about farming. There are lots of comments on YouTube that show people are still really misinformed. Subjects like animal confinement, GMOs, using chemicals, etc. People need to understand that farming isn’t perfect, but neither is anything else in this world. The reality is that we are just trying our best to feed the world and sometimes the media blows things out of proportion, making us look bad, and a lot of what they say is down-right false. 

Where can people connect with you to learn more?

Greg:  There are several ways:

The Peterson Farm Brothers had done several videos before the one that went viral. Which videos are your favorites and why?

Greg:  I really like the Wheat Harvest on a Family Farm video. It’s the first one I did and I think it really showcases how our family is involved in the operation. And there is nothing like wheat harvest. 

All images are republished from the Peterson Farm Brothers YouTube channel by permission.

2 Responses to "They Are Farming and They Grow It: Learning About The Peterson’s Farm"

  1. I hope you keep getting your message out in such a fun way. I grew up on a 40 acre dairy farm in Iowa. It had been in my mother’s family since 1870 but my Grandad was the last one to own it. We didn’t have indoor plumbing or running water until 1954. But, we sure ate well. Almost everything we ate was grown in the garden or the orchard or gathered from the hen house. We butchered our own hogs and cattle and drank unpasteurized milk from the dairy operation. We made butter and cheese and preserves. We
    made our own horseradish and sauerkraut and pickles. We collected morel mushrooms in the Spring and picked up walnuts in the Fall. We sometimes ate squab, i.e., pigeons from the hayloft, and rabbit we hunted. My grandparents raised 10 kids on that farm and innumerable grandkids like me and it was the best time of my life even though they made me work pretty hard. BTW, I am 65 years old.
    Thanks, Peterson Family, for telling the world about the farming life. I’m looking forward to the “Reality Show” on A&E. Best wishes to all of you.


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