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Progressive Farmer: “Can Traits Give More Crop Per Drop?”

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Recently, the University of Nebraska sponsored the 2012 Water for Food Conference. Attendees talked a lot about water, and drought, and drought traits now in development. According to a report by Progressive Farmer, three companies – Monsanto, Syngenta and Pioneer -talked about their latest research efforts.

The Progressive Farmer story, entitled “Can Traits Give More Crop Per Drop,” made these points, among others:

Corn can’t grow unaided by irrigation. “Drought is complex, and there is no miracle gene out there.”

Drought affects corn plants in complex ways.

The timing of a drought – when it happens in the growing season – is another concern.

And field testing adds another layer of complexity.

It’s a good story, and it underscores the interrelationship of traits, quality seed, agronomic practices – and the weather.

You can read the whole story here.

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