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Sweet (Corn) Talking

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By Carly Scaduto
U.S. Vegetables Communications Manager

One of the great things about my job is that I get to talk to our customers about their experiences with some of our newer vegetable products, including our biotech (GM) sweet corn. Many of our customers even blog about their experiences and thoughts surrounding our products. 

They all share common feelings about biotech (GM) sweet corn: they love sweet corn and are very comfortable growing biotech sweet corn, eating it themselves and sharing it with their family and friends. 

Here’s a taste of what farmers are saying about our biotech (GM) sweet corn product. 

Farmer Brandon Hunnicutt said in his recent “View from the Cab” blog:

With our new Obsession II variety from Monsanto we now have an easier way to control both weeds and bugs. With the Roundup Ready® trait I can apply the same weed control that I use on my corn fields and my city neighbors use around their yard. With the traits to protect against bugs I can now keep my sweet corn from getting those nasty little creatures that turn a beautiful ear into some disgusting wasteland. This will allow for ears with the possibility of more juicy goodness. I cannot wait to plant this so come this summer my family can enjoy some of the cleanest and, hopefully, juiciest sweet corn that has ever come from Hunnicutt Farms. 

Cheryl Day, a farmer who writes for AgWeb, recently shared her personal feelings about our new biotech sweet corn product:

Our farming operation is open to new innovations and welcomes biotechnology. In fact the same technology in this particular sweet corn is already in the field corn that we plant. A sweet corn seed containing a genetic package for insect resistance and herbicide tolerance is quite appealing. A built-in insect control simply means less insecticide that I have to apply over the sweet corn patch and less food wasted due to insect damage.  In addition, the Roundup Ready trait allows us to place the sweet corn patch in the field.  We do not have to manually remove the weeds by hand because now we can effectively control weeds [if needed] with the same herbicide application as the field corn in the next row without stressing if we killed the sweet corn.    

As a mom, I am not afraid of serving biotech sweet corn to my family because it is completely safe. The nutritional value of the sweet corn is not hindered by biotechnology. In fact, it produces a higher-quality vegetable that results in less wasted sweet corn. 

And a few Midwest farmers who are growing our new biotech sweet corn product recently shared their thoughts with us. 

Illinois farmer Ron Moore said:

I’m really looking forward to raising some Performance Series® sweet corn this coming year. It’s a great opportunity to continue to have a locally-grown food that we raise ourselves and eat ourselves – we’ve not been able to do that the last few years so this is a great opportunity to use that Performance Series sweet corn to feed to my family and my friends. 

His wife, Deb Moore, shared this:

It will be a nice-looking ear and safe to eat. I’m looking forward to it. It’s pretty exciting. 

Another Illinois farmer, Regan Joehl, shared this with us:

We used to joke when we had a road-side stand – back when we were trying to spray it every couple days – and someone would come in wanting to know if we had organic sweet corn. We said “well sure, that’s the one with the bugs in it.” We look forward to not having to spray it and not seeing wormy ears. We are looking forward to our summer tradition, to share it with our family and landlords and any one else we can and enjoy it.  

For more information on our biotech sweet corn product, please visit www.monsanto.com/sweetcorn

1 Responses to "Sweet (Corn) Talking"

  1. Being an Old Iowa Farm Boy, I can certainly relate to several of these testimonials. I especially liked the one about the organic corn. I’m sure some within the “Just Label It” movement will be offended but science and wisdom normally prevail over misconceptions and falsehoods.


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