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Tweeting the #GlobalAg Summit in Washington DC

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Some days life moves at 300mph. Some days you feel good about what you spent your day doing.

Last Friday was both of those days for me, as, as a proud employee of Monsanto, I live tweeted the Symposium on Global Agriculture and Food Security hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

It was an incredible day.

Speeches from President Obama, Bono and Secretary of State Clinton. Panel discussions featuring Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant, Tanzania President HE Jakaya Kikwete, the Honourable Andrew Mitchell UK MP, and many more governmental, business and
organizational leaders.
And commitments from companies to invest more than $3 billion into Africa to help lift more than 50 million people out of poverty.

And I was proud to know that the company I work for, Monsanto, committed to helping Africa with a $50 million grant, making their donation one of the largest private sector investments announced.

You can get more details on the event, and also watch the entire day-long event, here.

And for those who want to see how we covered the event on Twitter or just like the cliff note version of a 10 hour day, here’s our @MonsantoCo Twitter feed from just after 6am until 4pm that day.


6:21 – Public sector CGIAR actively involved in seed dev 4 global #food production & security http://t.co/IpRGXola #globalag

6:23 – #G8 Action on #Food Security & Nutrition @WhiteHouse http://t.co/Gs1E6V7e #globalag

6:25 – Goal @WhiteHouse is 2 raise 50M ppl out of poverty ovr nxt 10 yrs. Partners & investments key. http://t.co/Gs1E6V7e #globalag

6:27 – @WhiteHouse reports #G8 will agree 2 ensure all efforts aligned w/ country plans http://t.co/Gs1E6V7e #globalag

6:33 – Public sector orgs like @CGIAR play critical role in global #food security, production http://t.co/yoAyF7GF #globalag

6:38 – #Monsanto 2 announce $50M commitment 2 #Africa ag dev @globalagdev http://t.co/fNOqs8ei #globalag @WEF @ChicagoCouncil

6:41 – “I believe public & private sector commitment is necessary & able 2 support a transformation in #Africa aghttp://bit.ly/Jmhb9f #globalag

6:47 – “no single group or simple solution that can solve food issues facing a growing population” http://bit.ly/Jmhb9f #globalag

6:50 – “thru partnership..deliver improvements…drive food security, env sust & econ opp in #Africa & beyond” http://t.co/fNOqs8ei #globalag

6:52 – 2days #GlobalAg Symposium w/ @BarackObama, #SecClinton & more 2 B livestreamed @ http://bit.ly/JlEIYl @GlobalAgDev

6:54 – Will be live tweeting #GlobalAg Symposium all day. Watch live stream @ http://bit.ly/JlEIYl @GlobalAgDev

6:57 – 15 CGIAR Consortium Centers involved in increasing global food production. http://www.cgiar.org/centers/index.html

6:59 – RT @UNDP: #Women produce 60-80% of food in sub-Saharan #Africa #g8 #globalag http://afhdr.org

7:02 – Live stream of 2days #globalag Symposium @ http://t.co/PgsuY8zQ @BarackObama, #SecClinton & more 2 speak. We’ll b live tweeting also.

7:06 – RT @GlobalAgDev: Joe Devries @AGRAAlliance “Growing Prosperity: Planting the #Seeds of #Africa’s Green Rev” http://bit.ly/JRQE1F #globalag

7:08 – Public sector orgs like @CGIAR have critical role in global #food production, research http://bit.ly/sO80rV #globalag

7:10 – #G8 Looking 4ward: Embracing the Realities of #Africa’s Changing #Food Systems http://bit.ly/JmnIki #globalag @PCHPA

7:12 – The Last Mile: Reaching Women Farmers http://t.co/2CZ6voXo #globalag @chicagocouncil

7:15 – Achieving Global #Food Security http://t.co/p1YMQb0m #globalag @USAID

7:18 – Live stream of 2days #globalag Symposium @ http://t.co/PgsuY8zQ @BarackObama, #SecClinton & more 2 speak. Starts shortly.

7:19 – “This wk’s #G8 Summit @ Camp David will B critical moment 4 global food security” http://bit.ly/JmpHos #globalag @globalagdev

7:21 – “Food security is a global challenge, & #G8 action is part of the solution” http://t.co/7ERfhZti #globalag @globalagdev

7:24 – Will be live tweeting #GlobalAg Symposium all day. Watch live stream @ http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

7:33 – #GlobalAg Symposium starting w/ @globalagdev‘s Catherine Bertini & Dan Glickman. Watch live @ http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

7:36 – Glickman – “private sector has begun 2 step forward as a powerful partner” http://t.co/PgszvIAK #GlobalAg

7:36 – RT @GlobalAgDev:
“We must act now to end hunger” – Dan Glickman #globalag http://t.co/PgszvIAK

7:38 – RT @GlobalAgDev: “Decisions made in nxt 24 hrs will b critical in building healthy & productive future generation” – Dan Glickman #globalag

7:42 – Michael Froman w/ @WhiteHouse takes the stage @ #globalag Symposium. http://t.co/PgszvIAK

7:43 – RT @GlobalAgDev: #Foodsecuriy & #nutrition will b major issue @  #G8 summit this wkend – says Michael Froman @whitehouse #globalag

7:45 – “We r focused squarely on results” – @WhiteHouse‘s Michael Froman @ #GlobalAg Symposium. Watch live http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

7:46 – 1st panel up @ #GlobalAg Symposium. Moderated by Mr. Eddy Gicheru Oketch @GoKetch. Watch live http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

7:48 – Panelists r Beverly Oda w/ @CIDA_CA, Ertharin Cousin w/ @WFP & Tom Arnold w/ @Concern. Watch live http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

7:52 – “Nutrition is important bcus its abt ppl & nations” – Beverly Oda w/ @CIDA_CA
@ #GlobalAg Symposium

7:52 – RT @farmingfirst: Beverly Oda @CIDA_CA “We cannot prevent drought. We can prevent famine” #GlobalAg

7:54 – Oda – “Investing in food security is critically important” http://t.co/PgszvIAK #GlobalAg

7:56 – “Investing in #food security & #nutrition is important thing 2 do, & right thing 2 do” Oda w/ @CIDA_CA @ #GlobalAg

7:57 – “We cannot 4get these parterships r 4 the benefit of those we serve” Ertharin Cousin w/ @WFP @ #GlobalAg Symposium

7:59 – Cousin – “This is a long term engagement” http://t.co/PgszvIAK #GlobalAg

8:00 – RT @agripulse: Cousin: Private sector needs 2 recognize this is not a quarterly investment. This is a long term engagement. #globalag

8:02 – RT @GlobalAgDev: Cousin – Ultimately we share 1 stakeholder: the needy people, the most #vulnerable, whom we must serve 2gether. #globalag

8:03 – .@Concern’s Tom Arnold – “we r meeting @ a moment of gr8 promise 4 the world” #globalag Watch live http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

8:05 – Cousin – “$s should follow accountability & success” #GlobalAg http://t.co/PgszvIAK

8:08 – RT @GlobalAgDev: most vulnerable r #rural small-holder #farmers, most of whom cannot w/stand catastrophic disasters – Oda @CIDA_CA #globalag

8:10 – “including women is essential in driving change” – Cousin w/ @WFP @ #GlobalAg Symposium. Watch @ http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

8:13 – “if we come 2gether & we’re smart abt it, we can really make a difference.” Oda @ #GlobalAg

8:15 – Gayle Smith w/ @WhiteHouse making comments @ #GlobalAg Symposium. Watch live http://t.co/PgszvIAK

8:17 – Now speaking, His Excellency Dr. Boni Yayi Pres of #Benin and Chair of @_AfricanUnion. Watch live http://bit.ly/JlEIYl #GlobalAg

8:21 – Yayi – “My voice is that of a continent that will b most populated in world by 2050” Watch live http://t.co/PgszvIAK #globalag

8:24 – Yayi – altho there r some obstacles, current course is favorable 2 democracy & good governance #GlobalAg

8:25 – Yayi – the new #Africa is investing…to create infrastructure…w/out forgetting education… #GlobalAg http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

8:27 – RT @GlobalAgDev: @RogerThurow is liveblogging frm Symposium. His 1st post “A Transformational Day” http://t.co/HUgu7oj0 #globalag

8:31 – RT @FightPoverty: HE Dr Boni Yayi, President of Benin & Chairman AU: boosting #nutrition #GlobalAg a challenge 4 humanity

8:37 – RT @GlobalAgDev: Food security is foundation 4 political stability & global security says @knwanze @IFADnews #globalag

8:38 – RT @GlobalAgDev: “Africa holds the greatest potential 2 feed the world” says @knwanze @IFADnews #globalag

8:41 – “We have to focus on women. We have to focus on youth” says Nwanze w/ @ifadnews #GlobalAg

8:46 – RT @LandOLakesIDD: Kaberuka @AfDB_Group “we can trade r way out of poverty” w/ continued support 2 ag & trade #globalag

8:48 – Gulati – “the stability of overall food system is where trade plays a very critical role” #globalag http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

8:50 – Gulati – “#Africa is on the move and so is #India on the move” #globalag http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

8:53 – sustainability, small farmers, trade barriers r real issues we deal wtih – Ginascol w/ @AbbottNutrition #globalag

8:54 – gr8 discussion taking place @ #GlobalAg Symposium. Tune in http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

8:57 – .@BarackObama up nxt @ #GlobalAg Symposium. Watch live http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

8:58 – RT @Glynn_ag: A Commitment to Help Africa Grow – new post at Beyond the Rows, #Monsanto blog http://bit.ly/JSzUqR #GlobalAg

9:00 – Public sector CGIAR actively involved in seed dev 4 global #food production & security http://t.co/IpRGXola #globalag

9:02 – Goal @WhiteHouse is 2 raise 50M ppl out of poverty ovr nxt 10 yrs. Partners & investments key. http://t.co/Gs1E6V7e #globalag

9:03 – .@WhiteHouse reports #G8 will agree 2 ensure all efforts aligned w/ country plans http://t.co/Gs1E6V7e #globalag

9:05 – Public sector orgs like @CGIAR play critical role in global #food security, production http://t.co/yoAyF7GF #globalag

9:07 – #Monsanto 2 announce $50M commitment 2 #Africa ag dev @GlobalAgDev http://t.co/fNOqs8ei #globalag @WEF @ChicagoCouncil

9:09 – .@BarackObama takes stage at #globalag Symposium http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

9:10 – .@BarackObama “we face urgent challenges” including “injustice of chronic hunger” #globalag

9:12 – RT @wef: @barackobama: “#G8 will announce major new partnership 2 reduce hunger & lift 10s of Ms out of poverty” #globalag

9:15 – RT @FightPoverty: @BarackObama: “Development is not just abt aid but abt broad-based growth that enables ppl 2 thrive” #GlobalAg

9:16 – RT @GlobalAgDev: “food security is a moral and economic imperative” – says President @BarackObama #globalag

9:19 – .@BarackObama “There is no reason #Africa should not be exporting food and feeding itself” #GlobalAg

9:21 – .@BarackObama “Govts in #Africa that r committed 2 ag & food security r taking lead Donor countries r aligning w/ those countries” #globalag

9:22 – “The #US will remain a global leader in development, in partnership with you” @BarackObama tells #GlobalAg Symposium

9:24 – .@BarackObama “45 companies have pledge more than $3B to kick off this effort” #GlobalAg #Monsanto among them.

9:25 – RT @MCCtweets: @BarackObama: We will speed up the development & delivery of #innovation 2 end hunger #globalag @USAID

9:28 – .@BarackObama “We are already making progress in this area. Right now!” #globalag

9:29 – .@BarackObama “We can unleash the change that reduces hunger and malnutrition” #globalag

9:33 – Up nxt @ #GlobalAg, food security @ #G8 moderated by Hon Rajiv Shah (@RajShah) w/ @USAID. Watch live http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

9:37 – Panelists 2 inc @JmKikwete of #Tanzania, @Meleszenawi of #Ethiopia, @KGeorgievaEU & #UK MP Mitchell w/ @DFID_UK #GlobalAg

9:40 – RT @GlobalAgDev: I pledge to u 2day this will remain a priority as long as I am president @BarackObama @WhiteHouse #globalag

9:50 – RT @GlobalAgDev: #US has moral obligation 2 lead fight against hunger & malnutrition! – says President @BarackObama #globalag

9:54 – @JmKikwete “it is abt comprehensive involvement to solve the problem” #GlobalAg

9:58 – .@MelesZenawi “over the past 7-8 yrs r #agriculture growth has been abt 8%”

10:01 – Pres of #Ghana now speaking @ #GlobalAg Symposium. Watch live @ http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

10:05 – RT @GlobalAgDev: Hunger is beatable! – Raj Shah @rajshah #globalag #foodsecurity

10:05 – RT @GlobalAgDev: #Ghana has continued 2 invest in #ag dev & we achived
-poverty reduction – 5 yrs ago-says @presidencyghana #globalag

10:11 – RT @WorldFoodPrize: Pres. Atta-Mills of Ghana – stress importance of agri-processing 2 counter post harvest losses #globalag

10:13 – .@MelesZenawi “70% of farms in #Africa r small scale farms…need private & public investment” #globalag

10:15 – #UK MP Hon. Andrew Mitchell w/ @DFID_UK now moderating panel on food security @ #GlobalAg. Watch live http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

10:17 – Mitchell – “r public investments have made a real difference in #Ethiopia #Zimbabwe, engaging urgently w/ #Malawi” #GlobalAg

10:18 – RT @LizWilsonUK: Much remains to be done – business as usual is simply not enough – Andrew Mitchell @DFID_UK #globalag

10:20 – RT @GlobalAgDev: #UK will invest & collaborate w/ partners to lift 50M ppl out of poverty. Andrew Mitchell @DFID_UK #globalag

10:23 – RT @MonsantoCo: #UK MP Andrew Mitchell @DFID_UK talking abt importance of private sector 2 driving #GlobalAg w/ Yara CEO http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

10:26 – RT @GlobalAgDev: Yara CEO @globalagdev says G8 food symposium is milestone opp 4 #foodsecurity http://yara.com/g8 #globalag

10:27 – RT @Harvest2050: .@DuPont_News E. Kullman – #Foodsecurity solutions have to be local & #sustainable #globalag

10:30 – .@BarackObama Calls for #Africa Aid as Global Companies Pledge $3 Billion http://bloom.bg/JTbJIN #GlobalAg #Monsanto

10:35 – RT @GlobalAgDev: Smallholder #farmers will b the engine of future #economic growth – Strive Masiyiwa @AGRAAlliance #globalag

10:37 – RT @LizWilsonUK: @AGRAAlliance enabled finance 4 60 comps 2 produce 40 metric tons seed/yr, 1/3 of seed in Africa @StriveMasiyiwa #globalag

10:38 – RT @DuPont_News: CEO Kullman: We need 2 find common ground. if we work 2gether in vry transparent ways we can make gr8 progress #globalag

10:40 – “If we r going to help the smallholder farmer, we must listen 2 them” says Masiyiwa @ #GlobalAg Symposium

10:42 – .@KGeorgievaEU “hold ourselves accountable. measure results” #globalag Watch live http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

10:46 – RT @GlobalAgDev: #EU committed 2 invest $4b in programs supporting #agricultural development – @KGeorgievaEU #globalag

10:48 – RT @Harvest2050: 5 quotes frm global #ag leaders on importance of private sector involvement http://ow.ly/aVRAN #G8 #globalag

10:52 – RT @LizWilsonUK: We heard 2day frm 3 African countries w/ detailed plans…we intend 2 use these as roadmap. @rajshah #globalag

10:57 – RT @IFADnews: Need to stay focused on smallholder farmer production, says @rajshah at #globalag

10:59 –  RT @WorldVisionNews: @Rajshah says nations need 2 live up 2 the L’Aquila initiative, will b held accountable #globalag

11:00 – RT @LizWilsonUK African govs demonstrate that they r meeting their end of bargain, & so we have obligation 2 support them @rajshah #globalag

11:01 – RT @LizWilsonUK: We have 2 change our mindset, recognise thoughtful investments in local partnerships by private sector – @rajshah #globalag

11:02 – #GlobalAg Symposium continues all day. Up next @SenatorLeahy & #Bono w/ @ONECampaign. Watch live http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

11:07 – “if we don’t find some way 2 respond to this, we’ve failed” says @SenatorLeahy re: hunger as he intros #Bono frm @ONECampaign

11:09 – #Bono speaking @ #GlobalAg Symposium. Watch live http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

11:13 – #Bono “aid is much smarter than it used to be” #globalag @ONECampaign

11:19 – #Bono credits #Ireland, #EU, #UK & David Cameron w/ keeping aid promises @ #GlobalAg Symposium. http://bit.ly/JlEIYl @Number10gov

11:20 – RT @GlobalAgDev: Roger Thurow is liveblogging. Read his column “Fighting the Injustice of Hunger” http://bit.ly/JngJr4 #globalag

11:21 – RT @bread4theworld: G8 is not just an aid agenda, it’s a trade agenda. – Bono #globalag

11:22 – RT @lauracblank: “It’s essential that we don’t blow these extraordinary resources.” – #Bono #DearG8 #globalag #hungerfree

11:29 – #GlobalAg Symposium on lunch break. Resumes @ 1:45 Eastern w/ focus on strengthening African food security. http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

11:38 – RT @Emilio_Ayala: A lot of what Bono spoke about in his #GlobalAg speech he writes of in the May 28th edition of @TIME http://ti.me/JSE4i1

11:47 – RT @Libby_at_ONE: Here is the awesome @ONECampaign video that played @ChicagoCouncil #globalag event b4 #Bono’s speech http://ow.ly/b0frX

11:58 – Flashback: RT @ReachScale: “#Agriculture is back on the international agenda at the highest level,” http://goo.gl/3rg1P #GlobalAg

12:10 – #Monsanto commits $50 Million 2 support food & nutrition security http://bit.ly/Jmhb9f #GlobalAg

12:11 – #Monsanto $50M commitment focused on strengthening the complete #Africa #agriculture value chain http://bit.ly/Jmhb9f #GlobalAg

12:14 – Part of #Monsanto $50M commitment will support #Tanzania proj working 4 more food security & less poverty http://bit.ly/Jmhb9f #globalag

12:14 – #Monsanto $50M gift will support #Tanzania govt ag priorities http://bit.ly/Jmhb9f #GlobalAg

12:17 #Monsanto $50M gift inc pledge 2 improve access 2 financial services, support new initiative @earthinstitute http://bit.ly/Jmhb9f #GlobalAg

12:19 – #Monsanto also partnering w/ other orgs in #Tanzania as part of $50M gift http://bit.ly/Jmhb9f #GlobalAg

12:33 – #Monsanto commits $50 Million gift 2 improving lives in #Africa thru #agriculture http://bit.ly/Jmhb9f #GlobalAg

12:53 – #GlobalAg Symposium is live again. Tune in. http://bit.ly/JlEIYl @rajshah introducing “Business Unusual” panel.

12:56 – Josette Sheeran w/ @WEF is moderating Business Unusual panel focused on strengthening African food security #globalag

12:57 – Inc HE Jean Ping @_AfricanUnion, Anil Jain @JainsUSA, Michael Mack @Syngenta, Berry Marttin @Rabobank & Jacqueline Mkinidi w/ THA

12:58 – RT @KelSunnyDay: Not the era of the handout, nor the hand up, its the era of the hand shake Josette Sheeran #globalag

12:58 – RT @LandOLakesIDD: The world will have to produce 50% more food by 2050 – We need the African farmer, says @JosetteSheeran #globalag

1:00 – Sheeran – “these companies have pledge 3B+ to Africa” #Monsanto is honored to give $50 Million 2 effort #GlobalAg

1:03 – “We are ready 4 investment. We r waiting 4 U” says HE Jean Ping @_AfricanUnion @ #GlobalAg Symposium

1:08 – important for farmers to be able to create more, on same land, with less resources – Anil Jain @JainsUSA #GlobalAg

1:12 – “smallholder farmers are going to be the key to enabling this Africa revolution” Michael Mack @Syngenta #GlobalAg

1:15 – “The #Africa success story is right within our grasp” says Michael Mack @Syngenta
2 #GlobalAg Symposium

1:18 – RT @bread4theworld: Mindset has 2 be African owned & African led – & smart investment will follow – Michael Mack #globalag

1:21 – global #agriculture transformation comes from local efforts says Jacqueline Mkindi w/ Tanzania Horticulture Assoc #GlobalAg

1:30 – Crop insurance is key to success of agriculture says Berry Marttin @Rabobank #GlobalAg

1:35 – “more focus on water use efficiency” needed says Anil Jain w/ @JainsUSA @ #GlobalAg Symposium

1:37 – “more focus on water use efficiency” needed says Anil Jain w/ @JainsUSA @ #GlobalAg Symposium

1:44 – RT @wef: Mack @syngenta we have means 2 feed world using less land than we use 2day & in more environmentally sustainable way #globalag

1:45 – #Agriculture innovation nxt @ #GlobalAg. incs @MonsantoCo CEO Hugh Grant & Sam Dryden @GatesFoundation http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

1:49 – Dr Eleni Gabre-Madhin is moderator of ag innovation panel @ #GlobalAg. Watch live http://t.co/ItaEpV7g

1:51 – “60% of Africans 2day r below age of 25. Aspire 2 b innovators, social connected, tech savvy” says Gabre-Madhin #GlobalAg

1:54 – “seeds important. but seed on its own isn’t enough” says @MonsantoCo Hugh Grant @ #GlobalAg

1:55 – “we’re investing heavily in partnerships. building partnerships take time.” says @MonsantoCo Hugh Grant @ #GlobalAg

1:57 – “Malawi has gone frm being recipient of aid, 2 a marketplace of grain.” But supply chain essential says @MonsantoCo Hugh Grant @ #GlobalAg

1:57 – RT @GlobalAgDev: “We invest heavily in partnership because we cannot do end global hunger alone” says Hugh Grant @MonsantoCo #globalag

1:58 – “everything we have talked abt here cannot happen unless farmers are mobilized” says Dyborn Chibonga w/ NASFAM @ #GlobalAg

2:01 – Hugh Grant w/ @MonsantoCo mentioned heavy investment in partnerships. info on $50 Million gift ancd 2day http://bit.ly/Jmhb9f #GlobalAg

2:04 – RT @PlntyToThinkAbt: Nearly 1B ppl cant afford 1880 cal/day & almost 3B live on less than $2/day – Jeff Simmons #Elanco #globalag

2:04 – RT @WorldFoodPrize: @MonsantoCo CEO Hugh Grant- we know more about the soil on Mars than the soil in Africa. #globalag

2:05 – RT @HBCUEndowment: Monsanto to put $50 million into African Agricultural Development. #globalag #g8

2:06 – “change the context. change the cause. unlock the hearts of the nxt generation” says @elanco CEO Simmons #GlobalAg

2:09 – we work w/ @CGIAR in Mexico, @GatesFoundation funds, we provide tech royalty free says @MonsantoCo Hugh Grant #GlobalAg

2:10 – “it comes down 2 how you bring groups together…theres no time 4 2 yrs of getting 2 know each other” says @MonsantoCo Hugh Grant #GlobalAg

2:13 – “there should be research in2 drought resistance seeds” says Janet Chigabatia-Adama w/ Savanna Farmers Marketing Co #GlobalAg

2:17 – “we have 2 start w/ the smallholder…then u r dealing with issues that need 2 b solved” says Sam Dryden @GatesFoundation #GlobalAg

2:18 – “its important to have an innovation system…its a new era, where innovation is occurring fast” says Sam Dryden @GatesFoundation #GlobalAg

2:23 – “we certainly think we can play a part in ending the scourge of poverty” says Jack Sinclair @Walmart #GlobalAg

2:24 – RT @GlobalAgDev: Walmart is trying to sell safe, #sustainable, & affordable #food says Jack Sinclair @Walmart #globalag

2:26 – RT @GlobalAgDev: Op-Ed by Gayle Smith @whitehouse “New Alliance 4 Food Security & #Nutrition” http://1.usa.gov/Kw4Uel #globalag

2:27 – RT @GlobalAgDev: #Africa has 60% of world’s potentially available crop land & 65% of population live in rural areas #globalag

2:35 – RT @Harvest2050: Strong public/private partnerships are critical to address global #hunger & #foodsecurity. #G8 #globalag

2:36 – “Theres a lot of similarities between smallholders & larger farmers” says @MonsantoCo Hugh Grant @ #GlobalAg

2:37 – RT @GlobalAgDev: Farmers are hungry for market data & information – says Hugh Grant @MonsantoCo #globalag #research

2:42 – “It takes 7 yrs to breed a new seed. Not biotech, just a regular seed” says Hugh Grant @MonsantoCo #GlobalAg

2:43 – “if you leave these shores, & go anywhere else in the world, & the farmers r women.” says Hugh Grant @MonsantoCo #GlobalAg

2:44 – RT @agripulse: Hugh Grant, Monsanto CEO: We have 2 do a much better job explaining how sexy agriculture really is 2 young people. #globalag

2:48 – Nxt up @ #GlobalAg Symposium r speeches frm @LindseyGrahamSC & Sec Hillary Clinton @StateDept. Watch live http://bit.ly/JlEIYl

3:03 – RT @ONECampaign: Missed #Bono’s speech on global agriculture? Read the highlights: http://ow.ly/b0yW5 #globalag

3:12 – “a little bit of money, well spent, goes a long way” in Africa, says @LindseyGrahamSC #GlobalAg

3:13 – “we cannot do this without you” @LindseyGrahamSC tells the attendees @ #GlobalAg Symposium

3:14 – “to our EU allies, please be more open minded about modern agriculture” says @LindseyGrahamSC @ #GlobalAg Symposium

3:21 – RT @GlobalAgDev: watch Sec. Clinton’s remarks @StateDept now. http://t.co/ItaEpV7g #globalag

3:23 – “on this we all agree – the need to reduce hunger worldwide” says Sec Clinton @ #GlobalAg

3:25 – Near 1B ppl worldwide suffer frm hunger, population climbing, more food needed, world poor rely on ag 2 survive says Sec Clinton @ #GlobalAg

3:26 – #agriculture is best way to make big gains against poverty says Sec Clinton @ #GlobalAg Symposium

3:28 – “the new alliance includes a major push to mobilize more private sector investment” says Sec Clinton @ #GlobalAg. #Monsanto commits $50M.

3:29 – “now we need to drive more of that investment towards agricultural growth” says Sec Clinton @ #GlobalAg Symposium

3:32 – RT @GlobalAgDev: The U.S. is in the fight against global #hunger and #poverty for the long-run. Sec.Clinton @StateDept #globalag #Clinton

3:34 – RT @LandOLakesIDD: #SecClinton: “Nutrition must b integrated in2 all food security initiatives, esp during 1st 1000 days of life” #globalag

3:36 – RT @AfricaAgrMag: We plan to reach 7 million children in the next 5 years says #SecClinton at #GlobalAg Symposium on #FoodSecurity

3:36 – RT @GlobalAgDev: modern face of hunger – woman’s face. Women still eat less and eat least. – says #Sec.Clinton @StateDept #globalag

3:41 – RT @StateDept: #SecClinton: We are heartened by the real progress we see already underway. http://state.gov #GlobalAg

3:45 – Much thx 2 team @ChicagoCouncil & @GlobalAgDev. Amazing work 2day! Honored 2 be a part! #GlobalAg

3:48 – Thx 2 every1 who followed along 2day. Lots of gr8 discussion coming out of DC frm world community. Let’s keep moving 4ward #GlobalAg


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  2. Great work done by Monsanto team at summit.
    They should also do something for Indian (India) poor kids.


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