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The Safety of Biotech Sweet Corn

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Last week, Huffington Post published an opinion piece that raised concerns about the safety of biotech sweet corn. The author was the executive director of Food & Water Watch, which has been maintaining a public relations campaign against GM food in general and biotech sweet corn in particular.

Best Food Facts, a web site sponsored by the Center for Food Integrity, has an interview with three food experts about the safety of biotech sweet corn, other issues raised in the article, and what – if any – effect GM food has on human health. The three are professors at the University of Illinois, the University of Georgia and the University of California-Davis.

You can read the article here.

The Center for Food Integrity is focused on building trust and confidence in today’s food system. Monsanto is one of the many sponsors of CFI, but we do not exercise any editorial control over CFI’s information and research.

For more information on Monsanto’s biotech sweet corn, please visit Monsanto.com.

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