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Where Do You Get Your Information?

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By Carly Scaduto
U.S. Vegetables Communications Manager

Based on all the misinformation about our products floating around on the web and in social media, I’m not surprised by consumers who don’t see the benefits our products bring. It’s also easy to understand why they would question the safety of our products, especially if they don’t take the time to really understand the science behind the development and approval of our biotech products.

Social media enables anyone to have a voice; unfortunately, what many say doesn’t have to be balanced or based in fact. Because of this, I’m increasingly interacting with people (even my own relatives!) who take whatever they read on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and web sites at face value without doing any additional research. But every once in a while, I have a refreshing interaction with someone who digs a little deeper into what they read about our products.

Last week, I talked with a concerned consumer regarding our new biotech sweet corn. She told me one of her friends was trying to get her to sign a petition involving the product, but she felt it was really important to understand the science behind how we developed the product before she agreed to sign. After answering a few of her questions, she shared with me that she had a scientific background and felt the safety concerns regarding our product were irrational and had no desire to sign any petition against this product.

Maybe if more people took the time to understand the science and safety behind biotech crops, we’d see a lot less misinformation being tweeted and blogged.

Here are two third-party resources:

UC Berkeley’s page on agriculture, food and technology

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA):
Agricultural Biotechnology Website

And information is also available from these industry trade associations, and includes links to third-party sources:

CropLife International:
Database of the safety and benefits of biotechnology

Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO):
What is Biotechnology?

1 Responses to "Where Do You Get Your Information?"

  1. I am college student of the University of Cincinnati, and I am currently heavily researching the Monsanto Corporation and their tremendous impact on the agriculture world. I am primarily researching into the many claims and theories of Monsanto’s evil doings. What I have found to be of some suspicion to me is the heavy involvement with the government, and the exchange of Monsanto employees with FDA jobs and other influential government jobs. Overall, I found that almost all of the claims and theories people made are unsupported by any sustainable information or fact based logic. Like your article states, people are reading all this false and obviously unsupported rubbish, and taking it for granted.


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