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Beyond the Rows is a Monsanto Company blog focused on one of the world’s most important industries, agriculture. Monsanto employees write about Monsanto’s business, the agriculture industry, and the farmer.
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The Voice in the Cab

He’s the voice in the cab.

He gets up with the farmer long before dawn.

She’s chatting while the farmer gets the first pot of coffee of the day going.

He’s talking about the business.

She gives an update on the weather.

He notes the current prices on the commodities exchange.

She’s talking about comments made in Washington yesterday about the new farm bill.

As the combine passes the first row, he gets the farmer laughing with a new joke, a funny story.

She provides a wrap-up of the previous day’s meeting of the legislature.

He tells a story or two about last Friday’s night football game.

She interviews the local university extension agent on recommendations for crop rotation practices.

He mentions that China just announced a new contract – a big contract – for corn.

He and she know a lot about a lot – crops, seeds, fertilizer, commodity prices, politics, farm safety, crop insurance, equipment, planting, harvest, weather – to mention just a few.

These days, they talk and film and broadcast, but they also blog, tweet, post to Facebook, use the internet for research and information and share what they find with that farmer who’s listening.

Most of all, they know who it is they’re talking to – the farmer who grows the food so the rest of America, and a good part of the world, can eat.

They are the people we call farm broadcasters.

Today, the National Association of Farm Broadcasters is beginning its 68th annual convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Monsanto is proud to support the farm broadcasters who do so much every day for farmers. And we salute the NAFB’s other sponsors for their support as well.

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