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The Horn of Africa: The Work by the World Food Program

The World Food Program USA (WFP USA) has a simple, descriptive mission statement – fighting hunger worldwide. The statement is simple, but the programs to accomplish it are complex, and they are global. They range from short-term immediate relief like providing food to the hungry to longer-term projects like irrigation systems aimed at reducing and eliminating the causes of hunger.

The WFP USA is a nonprofit organization that “builds support in the United States to end global hunger.” To that end, it “engages individuals and organizations, shapes public policy and generates resources for the United Nations World Food Program and other hunger relief operations.”

For many, many months, the WFP USA has been involved in providing aid and undertaking projects to help the drought-stricken region of the Horn of Africa, including the countries of Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. After two failed seasons, the poor performance of the March to May “long rains” worsened an already dire food security situation in the region. Between 12 and 14 million people, most of the children, face severe food availability problems.

The WFP USA has been involved in a number of direct aid efforts and partnership programs with public and private organizations to address and alleviate a number of serious problems in the area, including:

  • In Kenya, WFP USA supported irrigation repairs that proved providential in the drought-stricken Turkana area.
  • In Somalia, the organization has been scaling up to meet numerous needs.
  • In Ethiopia, WFP USA has been working with PepsiCo and USAID to fight child malnutrition.

The organization also reaches out to people, to help explain the need and how individuals can help.

Additionally, WFP USA is supporting the work of the United Nations WFP in its work to distribute fortified blended foods to refugee camps housing people displaced by the drought. The camps are swelling by thousands of people every day. These blended foods consist of partially precooked and milled cereals, and soybeans fortified with micronutrients designed to meet the daily caloric requirements of the people in the camps.

Monsanto has donated $250,000 to the World Food Program USA to deliver fortified blended foods to those in need, such as the thousands of people living in the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.


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