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World Water Day

The United Nations designates March 22 as International World Water Day, to focus attention on the importance of freshwater and to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. There’s no question how important water is to world food production — agriculture accounts for 70 percent of the consumption of freshwater.

Monsanto, other companies, universities, governments and other organizations have been working for years on how to reduce water consumption by agriculture and yet increase production. Considerable work is underway in developing new agronomic practices, new and improved seeds from breeding, and new biotech traits — all aimed at reducing agriculture’s consumption of water.

Michael Doane, Monsanto’s lead for Sustainable Agriculture Policy, talks about this work and the chalLenge ahead (click on photo):


The United Nations web site for International World Water Day.

The Worth of Water – resource page on Monsanto’s corporate web site.

Agriculture and Water: A Crucial Connection, information on Monsanto’s Produce More Conserve More web site.

Making an impact on water utilization at Gothenberg, Nebraska.

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