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Advances in R&D

Today, Monsanto announced advancements in nine projects as part of the company’s annual research pipeline update. Progress was reported for four yield and stress projects being undertaken in collaboration with BASF, and five projects involving corn, soybeans and canola. You can read details here.

It’s important work, with an important purpose: make agriculture more productive. The advances reported today demonstrate a lot of depth in the company’s research and development program, and the hard work by a considerable number of Monsanto people in labs, greenhouses and research farms around the world.

We’re proud of the research work we do, but no matter how good our research is, it still requires farmers to put seeds in the ground. And that’s ultimately who all this research is for – the men and women who work the land so the rest of us can eat.

2 Responses to "Advances in R&D"

  1. I hope for the sake of humanity that consuming GMOs is safe. Frankly, I feel that it a huge experiment with possible dire consequences.

    Years back I experienced a huge allergic reaction after eating corn where my body was covered in hives that landed me in the ER. Now I know why.

    Inserting a gene or genes into a plants genome from foreign species alters the entire fabric of the plants genome. Other gene expression is affected in ways that are unpredictable.

    Animals recognise this and will avoid GM foods if given a choice. Maybe we should listen!


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