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Corn Yield Contest: It's About Farmers

In late December, the National Corn Growers Association announced the winners in the U.S. national corn yield contest. It’s a closely watched competition, by both farmers and seed companies. Farmers look to see where average yields may be headed, and seed companies look for an opportunity to one-up the competition.

DeKalb and Hubner Seed customers and products did well in the contest. More precisely, they did outstandingly well, with five of eight first-place wins at the national level and 53 first-place wins at the state level. We’re proud of what our customers accomplished with DeKalb and Hubner corn seeds as part of their recipe for success.

We believe DeKalb offers some of the best hybrids available, but at the same time we know traits and seeds are useless until a farmer prepares the soil, puts the seed in the ground, cares for it, watches over it, sweats over it, keeps an eye on the sky at all times, worries endlessly about it and then harvests it. The best seed technology in the world is useless without the farmer who knows what to do with it.

So, sure, the corn yield contest is about seed hybrids and how they performed.

But it’s much more about the farmers who put the seed in the ground.

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