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Monsanto and S. 510

Reports, including those by political commentator Glenn Beck, that Monsanto is behind Senate Bill 510, the so-called Food Safety Bill, are not true. As an agricultural company, we have been monitoring the bill for any impact on our ability to serve farmers who choose to buy our products. We have not supported its passage.

Almost two years ago, internet rumors abounded that Monsanto was behind H.R. 875, a similar piece of legislation. That was also untrue and was widely debunked by third parties. For more background, see H.R. 875: Monsanto’s Dream Bill or Just an Internet Rumor?

Beck has also made comments about “sterile seed” technology. For background on that, see Is Monsanto Going to Develop or Sell “Terminator” Seeds?

2 Responses to "Monsanto and S. 510"

  1. You can see how we’d think this, right?

    It can only benefit a corporation such as Monsanto that our food comes from a single source.

    And it should come as no surprise that the US government – as corporate controlled as it is – would promote such a practice!

    We appreciate your words on this subject, and you have responded to my ‘tweet’ as well.

    Having spoken to a few organic seed organizations, they are not threatened by bill S.510, so I will take comfort in their words.

    On another note, I am concerned for this new “aluminum resistant” GMO that was developed at Cornell


    Why isn’t there more of a push towards organic agriculture rather than cheating mother nature to do what we want her to do. This is one reason why so many are against the practices of Monsanto – why don’t you help heal the earth rather than force it to grow in the wasteland we’re / you’re creating?

    Thanks, Glynn!

  2. I do see how this happens. I watched it unfold in 2008 with H.R. 875 (similar bill, House side), when we saw, among a lot of other things, schoolchildren urged by their teachers sending letters to Congress about this “Monsanto-backed bill.” We didn’t support that one, either. Fortunately, some people usually critical of Monsanto saw how this had gotten out of hand and was damaging the people making the claims and what they believed in.

    We’re trying to avoid that “wasteland” as well. We have a different approach, and I think that’s where a lot of our differences lie.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.



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