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I Am a Farmer

I am a farmer.

I work for my family, because my first responsibility is to provide for them.

I work for my community, to give back a little for all what so many do for me and mine.

I work for my customers, so that they and their families can eat the healthiest food possible at the lowest price possible.

I work for my country, because I can live free to do what I do.

I work to feed my country’s soldiers, because they offer their lives so I and my family can be free.

I work to put food on the tables of those who don’t have it and don’t know how they’ll feed breakfast to their children tomorrow.

I work for my land, because it is what sustains my family, and I care for it and renew it and do what I need to do to be a good steward of it.

I work for my farm animals and livestock, because those creatures are critical to my farm’s success.

I work for the past, to recognize and honor the farmers who came before me.

I work for the present, to make a living at something I couldn’t imagine not doing.

I work for the future, so that my children, and yours, will never know what hunger means first-hand.

I work because I believe in what I do.

I am a farmer.

This Thanksgiving, we give thanks for the food on our tables, and for all of the people who work so hard to put it there: farmers.


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