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Being Thankful for America's Farmers

By Mike

An America's Farmers billboard on Interstate 70 in Missouri

Agriculture faces an enormous challenge in the years ahead to meet the growing needs worldwide for food, energy and clothing, and do so while protecting the natural resources required to sustain it.

That’s why this Thanksgiving season Monsanto is once again recognizing America’s farmers through an extensive advocacy campaign.

The America’s Farmers campaign begins at Thanksgiving because it’s a natural fit to recognize farmers as we sit down with our families and give thanks, says Jessica Simmons, Corporate Marketing. “Without farmers, we wouldn’t have Thanksgiving dinner.”

This year’s campaign is much broader than last year’s in terms of reach and depth:

• Billboards on major highways in the Corn Belt.
• Greater visibility in the Washington, D.C. area.
• A year-long video feature on AmericasFarmers.com that follows the farm families in the advertisments and documents what rural life and farming is all about.
• The debut of building projections—videos with subtitles that play on large buildings in high-traffic areas in 20 major cities from coast to coast for Thanksgiving weekend.
Television commercials beginning Thanksgiving Day.
• Continuation of the radio commercials that began in September.
• A strong social media and digital presence to increase and encourage dialogue about American agriculture.
• Recognizing the contributions of women in agriculture. In the spring, the Farm Mom of the Year contest will return to highlight the work female farmers across the country do in their communities, on their farms and in their families.

The social media and digital aspects of the campaign, consisting of Facebook and Twitter, can be found at AmericasFarmers.com beginning Nov. 22. Individuals will also have the opportunity to thank a farmer again this year, and see both a special thank-a-farmer video, including thank yous from around the country, and “Meet America’s Farm Families” – a video teaser about the webisode series which will follow real farm families from the America’s Farmers campaign and their real stories of farm life and running a business.

This advocacy effort is one part of Monsanto’s commitment to support farmers, joining programs like America’s Farmers Grow Communities and our commitment to sustainable agriculture.

Mike Burger is a member of Monsanto’s E-Communications team.

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