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Video: Managing Glyphosate Resistant Pigweed – A Success Story

Arkansas farmer Sid Fogg speaks at a University of Arkansas field day about how he managed glyphosate resistant pigweed. Dr. Bob Scott from University of Arkansas also talks about managing pigweed. See how great the fields look with a successful weed management program.

Field days are part of the rural landscape. There are various sorts throughout the summer and for me, they are just getting started. A field day is an opportunity to get a number of people together in one place to see how things are done on a research plot or farm. My first field day of 2010 wasn’t one hosted by the company, it was a University of Arkansas field day at Sid Fogg’s farm in Widener, Arkansas.

The photos contrasting weed issues in 2009 to the control successes in 2010 grabbed people’s attention when the extension service developed a flier for the event. With the focus on glyphosate resistant pigweed, a crowd came in by pickup trucks, cars and bus.

The University of Arkansas flyer for the event included these images & text.

Mr. Fogg opened the program talking about the problem he had controlling pigweed last year. And from there the conversation went to what could be done to manage the problem whether a farmer wanted to use Roundup Ready soybeans or something else.

The University of Arkansas team has options across the board and wanted to be sure farmers facing the issue knew timing and residual herbicides were a key component. The plots Dr. Bob Scott showed the crowd showed a number of program approaches that resulted in clean fields and left him confident that resistant pigweed is manageable. He said that because pigweed is so tough, farmers need to be sure they have it controlled by the 6-8 leaf stage no matter the program.

Mr. Fogg was the one who really brought the message home. He told fellow farmers of a lesson learned the hard way – he lost hundreds of dollars by not getting in front of the problem in 2009 but this year spent a few dollars early to get and keep control of a tough weed and protect his yields. Sounds like he already knows what he will be doing in 2011.

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  1. Verrry Innterrresting………..I’m not sure that most Arkansas farmers I know can even say or spell Glyphosate resistent (heck, I’m not sure I can). I do appreciate your honesty when you said “sweating from LOOKING while in the field> Unc


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