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Monsanto Public Comments to DOJ Available On-line

Today, we posted on the Monsanto.com Web site, the official public comments we submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice regarding the upcoming workshops on competition in Agriculture. The DOJ and the U.S. Department of Agriculture are holding joint workshops on competition this year. The agencies have invited agribusiness to participate in these workshops and requested comments from the public. The comment period ran through the end of 2009.

You can access our comments here.

In addition to the public comments, a rebuttal to the American Antitrust Institute’s public paper, “Transgenic Seed Platforms: Competition Between a Rock and a Hard Place?” was also submitted on our behalf. AAI released the paper in October. The rebuttal paper highlights how AAI’s paper is based on factual claims that are either demonstrably incorrect or premised upon a misreading or misinterpretation of data and the analyses of other scholars. You can access a copy of Monsanto’s response to the AAI paper here.

These pieces in addition to other materials are also available off the front page of Monsanto.com in a section called “Choice in Agriculture.”

I’ll be going through these materials over the coming weeks and highlighting different aspects of this story.

3 Responses to "Monsanto Public Comments to DOJ Available On-line"

  1. AAI received money from Dupont, seriously? I can Google it for myself and find out but in the future it would be better to link to such tidbits of information.

    Also, it would be good practice to link to important information like that for people who won’t take what you say at face value because, well, you know, you’re Monsanto.

  2. AAI actually disclosed the connection in the paper that I linked to above. In the footnote on the first page is this sentence, “The AAI is funded by
    contributions from a wide variety of sources, including various high technology companies among which is DuPont. A list of contributors is available on request.”

    Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Hi Mica,

    I see what you’re saying. I didn’t see the disclosure on the website along with the synopsis. You have to actually download the PDF of the White Paper to see the disclosure.


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