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New York : More than Just Concrete and Sky Scrapers

By Tyne Morgan

Not a sky scraper in sight: partially harvested corn with rolling New York hills in the background.

Not a sky scraper in sight: partially harvested corn with rolling New York hills in the background.

When you think of New York what pops into your mind? Maybe it’s New York City or Broadway, but it’s probably not agriculture or corn.

Much to my surprise, not only can farmers reach some outstanding corn yields, but the landscape in New York is beautiful (I think the above photo says it all).

This week I talked to growers about the National Corn Growers Yield Contest. I remember when I first saw the National Corn Growers Yield Contest winners. There were quite a few New York growers listed. My first thought was “they grow corn in New York?” Not only do they grow it, but they manage fields well to achieve great yields. In fact, one of the farmers I talked to has an entry this year of 300+ bushels per acre corn. Now that is amazing.

As recent as five years ago we wouldn’t have thought such high yields were possible. But each year, yields increase and so do farmers expectations for their entries in the yield contest. What once was considered great yields is now considered average or below. I’m always shocked when I step back and think about how far farmers have come with their yields and what seems like endless possibilities in years to come.

I am fortunate to hear from actual growers how harvest is progressing and why they personally enjoy entering the National Corn Growers Yield Contest year after year. It was a joy to visit such innovative farmers and experience New York ag.

Now when someone says “New York” I’ll no longer think of the city. Instead, I’ll think of the farmers who get their hands dirty everyday doing what they love.

You can check out Tyne’s New York harvest update on Monsanto.com

For more photos of Tyne’s trip, check out the slideshow on Flickr

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