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Global Harvest Initiative: How Latin America Can Feed the World

Featured Article

Today, the Global Harvest Initiative is releasing a new report, “How Latin America Can Feed the World.” This major, collaborative policy report provides a rationale for why Latin America has a critical role to play in helping to feed the world.

The report includes a detailed menu of recommendations and specific examples of partnerships that illustrate how countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Central America (LAC) can harness their potential to more productively and sustainably be a regional and global breadbasket for food, fiber, feed and fuel demand. The report focuses on key elements of food supply and food … Full Article »

Planting your very own vegetable garden

Spring has finally sprung, and it’s time to bring your home garden back to life. Each April, communities and families nationwide celebrate National Garden Month by planting flowers, herbs and vegetables in their backyards.

Our Seminis Home Garden line features many seed varieties that will bring fresh, vibrant foods from your garden to your table. Wondering what to plant in your garden this year? Take this quiz.

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Earth Day – Global Event, Global Need Featured Article

Earth Day isn’t only about agriculture, but agriculture occupies a significant place in the overall picture of environmental sustainability. From the world’s largest use of fresh water, to the land needed to grow food, agriculture is vitally important.

And that’s all of agriculture – from GM and conventional to organic crops; dairy farming; the raising of livestock; forestry; and so much more. Agriculture has a large environmental footprint, and it’s been our experience that farmers, ranchers and the people who are agriculture are working hard to make that footprint smaller.

To learn more about what Monsanto is doing, please visit … Full Article »


Every Day is Earth Day on the Farm Featured Article

By Thomas Durant
South Carolina Farmer

After decades of conventional farm practices of plowing, bedding rows, planting and multiple cultivations, the soil on our South Carolina farm seemed “tired,” and so were we. We recognized there is a need for a delicate balance between forcing the soil to produce an annual crop and empowering the soil’s natural ability to be productive. That’s why our farm decided to look into conservation practices of no-till, cover crops and wildlife management that could improve our soil, our area’s ecosystem, and hopefully, our crops’ productivity.

And with Earth Day approaching, now is a good time to … Full Article »

Monsanto Brazil Presents Program for Rural Landowners Featured Article

Representatives from companies, financial institutions, the government and civil society discussed solutions to increase food production while reducing negative impacts on the environment at the 2014 Katoomba XIX Conference in Iguazu Falls, Brazil, on March 19-20. The event, organized by the North American NGO Forest Trends and themed “Scaling Up Sustainable Commodity Supply Chains,” was primarily focused on meat and soybean production.

Daniela Mariuzzo, Monsanto corporate social responsibility and sustainability manager in Brazil, attended as one of the roundtable delegates on the innovations in agribusiness. She presented the Golden Delta program—an initiative developed in partnership with Rabobank Brazil. Supported by … Full Article »

Monsanto Asia-Pacific Noted for Best Workplace Practices Featured Article

Monsanto Asia-Pacific won Bronze for ‘Best Workplace Practices’ at the 6th Annual Global CSR Summit & Awards 2014, held in Bali, Indonesia this month. The award recognized company’s purpose-driven, collaborative, grassroots culture; career growth & development approach & opportunities;  a well-built commitment to diversity; employee communications platforms; rewards & recognitions programs – which enable employees  to create shared value with farmers & society around improving agriculture, improves lives.

Three hundred companies were nominated for this year’s awards. Starhub Singapore won Platinum for Best Workplace Practices, and other winners included Maybank Asia Pacific for Provision of Literacy & Education, GAP for Women’s Empowerment, … Full Article »


By Orv Kimbrough
United Way of Greater St. Louis

What would it take to create a culture of service, a culture defined by what we give, rather than what we get? I believe this is a culture worth pursuing—one which, in some pockets of the community, already exists – and if nurtured more broadly has the potential to transform and impact more lives.

United Way of Greater St. Louis, in partnership with stl250 and sponsored by Monsanto, is helping facilitate a culture of service by uniting all generations to make our region strong through one million hours of volunteer service … Full Article »

The Future of the Fish Fry Featured Article

By Sarah Vacek
Vistive Gold Product Manager

For those who observe Lent – and the rest of us who just like the food – Fridays in the springtime means going to a fish fry, a fun tradition that brings family and friends together to enjoy a delicious meal.  The name gives it away, but it wouldn’t be a fish fry without fried food, with treats like french fries and hushpuppies most often accompanying the signature dish.

These foods taste great but can be high in “bad fats”¹ because of the cooking oil that’s used. But what if we could give … Full Article »

Volunteering with Monsanto Together Featured Article

By Deborah Patterson
Monsanto Fund 

What is a volunteer?  To me, a volunteer is someone who gives of themselves to benefit others and their community.  Volunteerism is a core value at Monsanto Company; senior leaders, managers, employees all find the time to give back to their community.  My team has the privilege of supporting our volunteers by connecting them to issues that they are passionate about, assisting with coordinating group volunteer activities, and providing service grants to the organizations where our employees donate their time.. Our volunteer program is named Monsanto Together because working together with the community we … Full Article »

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A Future Opportunity for Bee Health Featured Article

By Dr. Gregory Heck
Monsanto Company
For Bee Culture Magazine

Monsanto’s Dr. Greg Heck recently wrote an article for Bee Culture Magazine on a future opportunity in bee health – RNAi and what it could mean as a great addition to the toolbox of agricultural solutions.

“RNAi is used by plants, animals and fungi to read the information stored in their DNA and use it to develop actual physical characteristics, called ‘traits,’ he writes. “Our early farmer ancestors saw some of these traits as valuable and bred plants for those desirable qualities – without knowing, needless to say, that RNAi … Full Article »

Volunteering Makes a Big Difference in the Lives of People Featured Article

By Kelly Gast
Global Business Operations

This week is National Volunteer Week in the United States. What a wonderful way to highlight the good work of good people around the country! Volunteering is a big part of what I do. I’m currently co-chairing the United Way of Greater St. Louis campaign for Monsanto, I serve as the Treasurer for the Center for Women in Transition and I often seize other volunteer opportunities within the community.

I haven’t always given this much time, but an experience I had with a gentleman in the Philippines about four years ago sparked me to … Full Article »